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Concrete is the most commonly used material for sidewalks and walkways of both homes and businesses across America. Concrete contractors in Denver know that it’s concrete’s cost, durability, and versatility that make concrete an excellent choice. Concrete is cheaper than most other materials including brick and stone. It also can last for decades. Best of all, concrete offers incredible versatility. At Good Day Concrete LLC, we know just how versatile concrete can be. Check out these 3 creative concrete ideas for sidewalks that are sure to impress your neighbors. 

Faux Finish

Concrete doesn’t have to be poured in a boring slat. One of the biggest advantages to concrete is its ability to be altered to mimic other materials. You can stamp the concrete or have it painted to look just like brick, stone, and even wood! Stamped concrete will cost a bit more, but it is still cheaper than the actual brick, stone, and wood. Plus, you get the added benefit of the durability and low maintenance of concrete.


Concrete doesn’t have to be dull and grey. It can easily be dyed or painted to be whatever color you want it to be. You can match your house color or go crazy with creativity. You could paint designs, words, etc. onto the concrete. The sky is the limit! Colored concrete gives the impression that you thought a bit about the overall design of your house and landscaping rather than doing what is expected.


There are hundreds of ways to add beautiful detail to concrete sidewalks. Your sidewalks don’t have to be straight rectangles. Concrete can easily be shaped with curves and angles to add interest and design to match your personality and home. Concrete sidewalks can also easily incorporate decorative trims. This could be done with different colors, textures, patterns, or stamps. You can also choose to expose the aggregate in the concrete for some interest and texture.

If you want to learn more about the cost and possibilities for concrete sidewalks, then contact concrete contractors in Denver.

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