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There are two basic choices that stand out when considering pavement in residential and commercial applications—concrete or asphalt. Each has a unique set of pros and cons, which will vary depending on four main factors: budget, climate, durability, and aesthetics. A decision on which product is right for you will depend on your circumstances and personal preference, however we will endeavor to give a clear picture of each.

First, we will look at asphalt. Generally, asphalt is less expensive up front to install. Although asphalt is better suited for colder temperatures, it can handle weather extremes because it is made with tar, which is flexible in nature. This makes it possible for asphalt to expand and contract with the heat and cold. In very extreme heat, however, the oily finish on asphalt may be tracked into your home or business. Asphalt has a lifetime of around 20 years when properly maintained. If cracks or holes do appear over time, they can be repaired without too much trouble and the patching will blend more easily with the existing asphalt. As far as the look of asphalt goes, it will likely have rough edges and there are limited options for color and texture.

Next, consider the benefits of concrete. It is a little more costly, but it has a much longer lifetime, up to 40 or more years in some instances. The main adhesive used in concrete applications is cement, which is very hard and durable. If concrete does crack or chip, it is a little more difficult to repair, but it can hold up well if installed correctly in the beginning and if it is kept up with appropriate sealants. In winter weather, it is advised to use quality de-icing products that will not create pitting in the slab. One of the best advantages of concrete is that there are many options for color, patterns, and texture. Whatever your choice, we recommend contacting professional concrete contractors in Denver in order to get the best information possible for your individual needs.

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