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Many homeowners with concrete patios in Denver may be surprised to hear that concrete requires maintenance. Concrete is a pretty durable substance, but a little simple maintenance can help extend the life of the concrete. You can keep it clean, intact, and stain-free. Decorative concrete that is dyed or stamped especially needs to be maintained to keep it from fading and looking grimy and dull. We at Good Day Concrete LLC have explained 3 simple tips to help you maintain your concrete patio so you won’t need to re-pour any time soon.

Cleaning Concrete 

Any concrete patio should be cleaned regularly. A cleaning every month should do the trick at removing dirt, grime, rust, and other stains. You should clean it immediately if you spill something on the concrete so that it doesn’t stain. Similarly, if you grill over the concrete, then you may want to clean it so the grease doesn’t linger.

Repairing Damage

If cracks appear in the concrete, it’s important to fix them as quickly as possible. If not, water can get in the cracks and cause problems, especially if temperatures drop below freezing. Also, if the edges begin to crumble, that should be repaired promptly too or else it will keep on crumbling.

Sealing the Concrete

This may come as a surprise, but concrete should also be sealed regularly. Sealing helps to minimize water damage through the joints in the cement by repelling the water. Sealing can also keep dirt from working it’s way down into the joints. An added bonus is it prevents weeds from poking through too! You may not know that concrete sealing also helps resist abrasions and protects the concrete from damaging UV light. This is especially vital if you have dyed or stamped concrete because it will maintain the look of it much better.

Try these 3 maintenance tips for concrete patios in Denver and enjoy being outdoors on a beautiful patio for years to come.

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